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In Beta Funding, we provide you with a simple funding process. With many years of experience, we adapt to and understand your needs.

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"Select the direct financing program that best suits your needs, taking into consideration your budget and the level of risk you can assume.

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At Beta Funding, we ensure our traders read and comply with the rules, a crucial step they shouldn't overlook. Please, read them carefully

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If you've followed all of our rules to the letter, made a profit, and requested your withdrawal, it's time to enjoy your earnings!

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Stop wasting your time on Prop Firms that only seek to keep your money with rules that seem to be the best. The sustainability of this business relies on a good set of rules and traders adhering to them. The best prop firms have stricter rules, and it’s time for the trading community to educate themselves and understand what’s best for the industry.

Beta Funding is not a broker. We do not accept client deposits. All program fees are used for operational costs, including, but not limited to, staff, technology, and other business-related expenses. Beta Funding itself does not engage in any regulated activities.